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Karl The Pagan
Google, here is a use-case and a complaint.

Forcing me to use my real name on my Google+ account violates my privacy. I do not want random people to search for my full name and find this profile. It is an un-feature. It destroys my existing social circles.

The point of my previous social circle mechanisms (livejournal, twitter, Facebook) was to separate these avenues of my life.

I used to have my twitter account linked to my Facebook. I used to be "Karl Pagan" on Facebook. This changed when my family started joining. I integrated my real-life contacts with my family contacts and made a free-standing separate social experience of Facebook vs twitter. I do not federate my twitter posts to FB. Breaking the barriers between my circles on FB diminished that experience for me.

Here's the thing: I use twitter and G+ a lot more than I use Facebook. If I had the option to have two separate Google profiles connected to my G+ I would do that and preserve that functionality here. I am not going to continue to use G+ without this pseudonym.

Fortunately I am only known publicly as Karl the Pagan. It is a name of note, and my only public identity to League of Legends fans. I used this name professionally as a part of my job duties as I represented Riot's interests on their forums. If I get another gaming gig there's a 99.999% chance I'll continue to use this pseudonym. Publicly. What now Google?
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I'm writing to you, not only as a PA fan or PAX volunteer, but as a human being who has genuine empathy to feminist and minority causes. I understand what your community has been through and that this recent history means my genuine concern may be doubted. Please take this at face value.

A few people have written about Mike's struggle with bullying and how that affected his reactions. The cultural differences widened that communication gap (sakesville is non-PC because you know the right course of action, gamers are anti-PC because they celebrate irreverence). I think there was a chance to educate a lot of people, but that opportunity was eroded by hyperbole, anger, and ham-fisted rules created to protect your community from its last invasion. Of course Mike is responsible for what he did after this, but you know how an abuse victim will react in this situation. While that does not absolve his responsibility I feel that you neglected to consider it.

IMHO you owe Mike a personal apology (even a half-assed one). He came to you asking "why now and not then" and instead of saying "those incidents also, but we choose to complain now" you, Melissa, shut him down, bullied him and, if I follow your meaning, later said he was acting like a fucking rapist.

I'm sure that you know that when we teach someone to talk about race and gender it must be about the acts not the person. Not "you're a racist" or even "you're acting racist" but "that one thing, right there that you said, was kind of racist". I think that this community has lost any motivation to educate the ignorant. Troll culture has harshened the dialog and removed any concern you may have had for education.

Finally there is a lot of apologia in your community for the threats coming to PA and their supporters. In words already expressed in this debate it is ridiculous to shed responsibility for your influence when it is convenient. PA and the genuine members of the community have treated your issues seriously and do not condone threats of violence (check forums.penny-arcade.com). If "get over it" is still your attitude then please let me know when you can taste the crow. Shame on you.
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I think I finally have a 100% managed identity. No links from alias to RL name / work / etc.

RL name is fairly common, birthday doesn't correlate, company name + alias doesn't correlate. There used to be a few links but they've expired.

So I cleaned up the few remaining personal info journal posts.
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Have you ever taken a personality test like the Myers-Briggs or Enneagram? If so, did you agree with the results? And what was your type?
INTP - I am a MBTI skeptic.

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What's the story behind your username?
At Washington State University I got together with some other students and started the Association of Pagan Students. I did the footwork putting up posters around the dorms and answered some basic questions. Word got around and those interested referred to me as Karl "the Pagan".

Some of these people became a core of good friends and I was introduced to new associates as Karl "the Pagan" so it stuck. I adopted it as my DJ name and "raver name" when I got into that social circle and I didn't see a reason to change it when I moved to Spokane. I've had some older videogame or RPG based named, but this one has a much better fit and I continue to reuse it on new social networks.

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Acer Aspire One body, why?
* 3 usb ports
* 2 SD slots
* accessible mini PCI
* battery location encourages very big aftermarket battery
* latest Intel Atom (single core)
* 6+ cell battery (4h+ game time)

what it lacks:
* ~ 10" 16:9 screen (1420x800 or 1280x720)
* NVidia Ion (256mb+) (know what... AMD Yukon is also fine if it performs)
* 2gb+ main memory
* 40gb+ solid-state disk
* WWAN card (hsdpa, ev-do, 3g etc)
* WWAN / WLAN / bluetooth toggle key (I remembered this as I ejected my WWAN express card to save some power, BONUS: client software that handles the toggle gracefully)
* SIM slot accessible without removing battery/keyboard/screws (possibly require open lid? unlocked security slot?)
* Bluetooth (bonus points for all-in-one 802.11n/HSDPA/Bluetooth 2.x that will simultaneously push medium quality A2DP, 80hz mouse, and 256kbps or better download)
* off-center touchpad, directly below the arrow keys would be most comfortable for typing/mousing use, both buttons placed to left of the pad so the whole feature is rotated 90deg from your standard pad (with on/off toggle like the HP Mini 1000)
* vertical orientation for 1+ usb ports (requires open screen, but for travel use most plugged-in devices will be used with screen open, when not traveling a USB hub can be used)
* mini/micro HDMI instead of VGA/audio (if you need to safe physical interface area, here's where, usb or bluetooth headset could be used if needed instead of analog jacks)
* eSATA for dvd/blu ray
* express 34 slot (yes, now I'm being greedy)
* horizontal 1 USB, HDMI, eSATA, express slots on one side, all other horizonal ports on the other
* smooth hard-"rubber" corners (I see banging up such a device, and chipped plastic is bad, bonus - these corners would also act as stoppers for the closed screen)
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Crossposted to webcomiccenter.

Background: http://somethingpositive.net (aka S*P) has had its wikipedia page marked for deletion September this year.

Here's my defense of the article (what else should I do at work the Friday after Christmas):

5 points follow, act now for a charge of wikipedia hypocrisy as our gift for reading!Collapse )
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We now have 40 inches of HDTV goodness right over our bed... paired with a standard definition TiVo :(

Sony KDL-40S4100 (priced nicely as it should be), and the cheapest name brand DVD I saw. I finally watched some of my anime DVD's (appleseed (2004) & appleseed ex machina (2008)). Also got a 12' HDMI cable and a DVI M to HDMI F adapter so I can plug any DVI outputting device (like my laptop) into that HDMI cable. I learned that HDMI audio is digital and requires some kind of synchronization signal or buffer to the digital audio source because the audio packets are sent in the scan-line gaps of the video. It will be a good while before audio/video HDMI ports are standard on PC's and laptops.

Then the Harmony 550 remote: awesome. Except the software wants to stay resident (100MB wasted for programming my remote once a year? KTHXBAI) Backlit, programmable sequences, all my TiVo buttons map nicely to the face buttons (except Exit -> Live TV, Menu -> TiVo button) and the few TV remote functions I use also fit logically on the face with just a few on the extended button LCD pages (4 per page). Backlight + ability to disable extra help + really strong radio signal silences any other problems I might have had with it. The wizard setup is a little confusing for a power user and might confuse novice users, some of it feels like really sloppy UI design. Update: I want to program a macro to turn my HDMI input viewing area to "Full Pixel" instead of the "Standard" cropped default. Unfortunately I can't make a separate macro which is more than 5 commands. The sequence to select "Full Pixel" is 10 commands so it has to be part of the startup sequence. That would be fine except that those options aren't available on the TV until after my PC has enabled the DVI connection - there's no manual pause option. Finally, the "Help" button re-issues the initial commands to activate the activity that you selected in an attempt to diagnose your problem. That would work great, but it doesn't repeat the custom commands entered. 7/10 (lost 2 points for failing to meet my use case)

Now we just need a non-crippled HD TiVo (thanks DirecTV :P you suck) or we might switch to Comcast when they come to Liberty Lake.

Also... Steam sucks lately. It's not forgivable to have games I paid for locked away during prime time because your authentication servers (or just the application?) sucks nads. Support ticket filed. No purchases until this is fixed. You're on notice Colbert style.

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I haven't read many of the reviews of WAR or WAR vs WoW. It's an MMO and they deserve some time to get it right.

So let me be honest... this is WAR vs WOW review - I have no other options. If this game were terrible I wouldn't even spend the time to address its flaws.

But I like this game, and I want it to work. It has some high-level goals that blow Warcraft out of the water. So I'm going to sign up for a 180-day subscription and give it all the time that I need to decide if I want to max-out this game like I'm trying to do with WoW. There are some flaws and gems, as follows:

1. Asking for elevated privileges (Vista UAC) every time it launches is really disturbing. Blizzard has the download/update/patch idea down pat. I can run the game in normal privileges and ALL of my character settings and even my addons and screenshots end up in my user / local settings / virtual store WHICH IS WHERE THEY SHOULD BE. I will do some finer technical evaluation here, but just requiting elevated privileges to check your files isn't acceptable at all. I don't blame Microsoft for shitty UAC warnings, I blame the software makers because they should know better.
WAR << WoW

2. WTF is this loading trailer shit? Every time? Minor annoyance. Make it a menu item.

3. WTF WTF ... EULA scrolldown, check, and "ok" every time I login? This better be a bug. WTF EVEN WHEN RECONNECTING FROM A DISCONNECT. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?
WAR <<<<<< WoW

4. Very limited graphical quality options. I want to run this game like I run WoW: windowed mode maximized at the native resolution. My 8800M stutters frequently at 1900x1400 and I don't have the graphics options available that I think I need to make it smooth without losing too much detail. (i.e. manipulating FSAA and Aniso options) GIVE ME AN ADVANCED WINDOW THAT'S ACTUALLY ... YOU KONW... ADVANCED

5. But really... the graphics so far are ok... There are some terrains and areas that are just a little under-detailed or a little... 90's esque. Things that remind me of user-made FPS maps and Diakatana. BUT the majority of it is terrificly detailed and has a look & feel like I think it should have.

6. Questing: Public Quests are totally awesome... unless you're the ONLY ONE PLAYING THEM, still a really great concept tho! They should make NPC stand-ins to play PQ's with you 24/7. Public Quests are mostly far superior to instances. At the very worst you'll have to look for groups to grind the PQ's. Not a bad tradeoff.
WAR >> WoW

7. The quest interface in general is great. HOWEVER, finding named quest mobs... NOT EASY. Frustrating. I use WoW addons to solve this problem. Put the kill count in the mob tooltips! UPDATE: there's also little visual distinction between normal mobs and your *target* mobs. Take the first named kill quest in Greenskin Chapter 2. I'm supposed to kill a dryad or something, and it looks almost completely identical to all the little trash mobs that wander around it. Nice work keeping your theme at the expense of gameplay.
WAR == WoW

8. Minimap & Questing interface are usually fantastic, with my WoW play patterns fully ingraned I kept trying to re-sort and figure out which quests I was going to do so which quests I should put on my tracking list... but then I realized hey... just look at the red colored areas in the map.

9. Early gear progression... it's at least interesting for Black Orc, and some of the PQ rep reward options they give you teach you about the game mechanics: i.e. you are squishy as hell without a shield! In WoW you don't learn shit at early levels.

10. Level 1. You know how in AD&D 3rd edition you're a silly little 6hp rogue and almost anything in the game can 1-shot you? This is the evolution of gaming that moves far enough away from that that it is finally closer to some fantastic version of reality and not frustrating, boring, or stupid (thereby letting the fun of the game come out). Your power level relative to the lowest trash mob is as if you were a level 5 AD&D 3rd edition character, or even a level 3 4th edition character, or a level 8 Warcraft character. No bullshit levels here.
WAR >> WoW

11. Achievements and Tome Unlocks. Achievements are (aside from the obvious WoW-like achievements) things like dying 10 times, clicking on yourself 25 times before seeing "click thru player" in the interface options, and discovering new map areas. They give you tiny little exp bonuses that are satisfying but not overkill. Just like map discovery in WoW. Tome Unlocks are achievements that give you titles or other goodies I haven't seen yet. Both are fantastic and really take everything we've learned about the gaming reward/addiction system and perfected it. WoW achievements are few and pitiful in comparison.
WAR >>> WoW

12. Crafting (Cultivation in particular). I kindof like it. Better than picking flowers in WoW. Do you know where I bet they got this idea? Disney's Toon Town (UPDATE: EXCEPT IT TRAVELS WITH YOU! GENIUS!). Great artists steal great ideas. Good job here.

12. Inventory management: there's a lot missing here. It's good that quest items don't use up bag space, but trash items are never usable and don't auto-sell. This part of WAR is stupid and boring. Also I use GarbageFu in WoW to help me decide what items to drop when my inventory gets full. This part of WAR is stupid and boring and unnecessarily tedious.
WAR <<< WoW

13. Connection stability. The servers by and large were fine for the time I played. My connection by comparison isn't so fine.

This game has its own physical hints about lag and connection stability, but I don't see a user interface ping feedback. There is no alt-f4 for those "well I'm disconnected but I'm done playing for now" times that I frequently have (like now when I didn't logoff, got in the car and am writing my review, having this monstrous application sucking my battery life down). Also... I don't freaking care if my corpse is standing there for 20 seconds after I log. I just want to get the fuck out of here. I shouldn't have to have server connectivity to quit this application. Blizzard fixed this annoyance years ago.
WAR << WoW
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Who introduced you to LiveJournal? Why did you first open an account or get involved?

superpunch Got a few of us from inpd.com (defunct) to come comment war with a super pro-Iraq lady who kept dogging her comments. I was hooked.


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Post if you want a brightkite.com invite. I'll give out 2 to my LJ peeps.
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JayBird support tells me that they don't have any recommendations to make their product work for my use case.

What is that case? Using the Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth mouse at the same time. :P

Good thing there's a 30-day return.
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IS IT DIFFICULT to put a stinking errata on your 3.4 download pages?

Brought to you by:
C:\Program Files\eclipse-M7>echo exclude org/eclipse/core/internal/dtree/DataTre
eNode forwardDeltaWith > .hotspot_compiler

Windows Vista 64-bit


Java 6 update 5
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background conversationCollapse )
user2> so my experience is just different, for instance we had a group with 4 girls which all were complete beginners, we introduced them to eclipse well and it worked fine. period.
Read more...Collapse )
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παν μέτρον άριστον
(all in good measure)
"all things in moderation"

So I've been playing WoW a bit... actually a lot. In the last 450 days I think I've played 90-100 days on various characters.

I've done this with pretty much every particular technological fixation I've had in my life. When I was fixed on nintendo I played it until I beat every game I owned and rented. Same with s-nes. With IRC I lived many lives and made and forgot about so many people. A few forums, a few projects, and livejournal each recieved my undivided attention for 4-5 months at a time... and then I dissappear from some of them.

But no, I'm not going to quit wow :P

So, like irc, blogging, and such I suppose it's time that I slow myself down to a moderated pace and bring everything back into focus.

More updates later.
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when to give up and start over

seriously that's a nasty problem
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It's because I've got Jury duty, I work, and when I'm not working I'm WoW-ing or washing dishes (my family task).

Here's a quiz. I think they confused some constitution & charisma things...

D&D stat quizzes, total 54, +19 on point-buy systemCollapse )
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Absinthe article @ Wired
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Created form images that moon_ferret found.



Anyone who knows whether comic Thor was left or right handed will spot the difference ;)

(right-click to "Properties" or "Copy Image Location")
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You didn't did you? You didn't ask to direct link to that site did you? OOPS!

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Found on Monroe Street in Spokane

2 versions
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So it's not really detailed enough for me... like most of the political compass quizzes. And again it relies on many political stereotypes. For the pidgeonhole part I nearly left 2 questions blank, but went with the more permissive ones instead.

yeah I took the Ok Cupid political compass quizCollapse )
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19 questions, kinda longCollapse )
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There have been many many Bush-Nero references... and for the first time I saw this picture used to describe Bush as Nero

"George Bush, American Nero"

But swisscelt is the first one to get it so right that I cannot not link him.
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this got my attention: police kept the evacuees in NO, buzzed their shelter with a chopper and confiscated their food

a sheriff of one suburb admitted he blocked people from leaving

google related
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(saw it @ democrats)
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googlebombingCollapse )
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NEW! http://kutv.com/topstories/local_story_233220802.html

http://media.putfile.com/versus <--- VIDEO!

NEW WMV VIDEO! http://media.putfile.com/utah-spanish-fork-canyon-rave-bust

^^^ Heres the link for it. granted its in utah and their kinda weird.

But... canine attacks (more than one person was mauled), having guns pointing in peoples faces, throwing kids down on the ground and kicking them then arreseting them, is completely uncalled for. Helicopters and tear gas well... all to breakup an event that could have been brought to a halt by simple communication.

"they were using everything from dogs to weapons to accomplish the mission."

"k-9s attacked some girls and mauled them"

"I saw a soldier tell a kid to give him his camera and the dude said no it's my camera, and the soldier through the camera, called 6 other cops and they beat him down on the ground. He was probably knocked out cause he was completely lifelessly still."

"And another chick whose friend got arrested was like what am I supposed to do? and the soldier yelled at her to get a ride. And she was like I can't you took my ride. THe guy then yelled that the girl had touched her and like 5 soldiers through her to the ground and manhandled her. That should never happend especially to a women.

I saw like 4 other people getting thrown around, but I don't have the details. I'm going to protest this at bush's visit. Those fuckers probably did this to gain browny points with bush. We should have signs that say: Long live versus, and Raving is not illegal. And We have no rights, the military has removed them. "

"A couple minutes later we see flashlights and all of a sudden have MP-5 sub-machineguns put in our faces. My hands go straight up and I freeze.. a few seconds later the helicopter starts circling the mainstage and I can only imagine the chaos there as the national guard approached the party."
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In my news:

JavaOne rocked! I feel I'm getting a grasp on the finer points of java solutions and architecture. There's a ton of ideas I took away from it and there's a lot of progress I think we'll be able to make at work now that we're in a "planning/research phase".

Kayaking! We got some kayaks and have taken weekly jaunts around Liberty Lake.

Work is good. A few new hires and new opportunities. Very exciting.

Health is ok. Exercising more. I had an ear blockage and considered the worst (Meniere's disease - rarely hereditary), but I got a good hearing test and everything checked out.

Our house is "OK"... still about a half dozen warranty/service items to be fixed and we just noticed a 4" sinkhole drop from where they broke our neighbor's sprinkler mane.

DJing... meh. I've not even setup my basement and haven't been into music lately, but my gear is in ok shape.

Games... meh. Battlefield 2 - 2 lance corporal accounts, very slowly working my way to 7 LC's (7,000 points to get all unlocks - 1,000 per free account vs over 100,000 points to get to the 4th of 7 unlocks). Empires - team lead is around, many Source engine improvements that I haven't played with, but I have no time to work on it (much less update my journal - commenting on liberal or debunkingwhite or my moderated comms eats up enough of my break time at work). I've almost given up on ever playing WoW - all my friends are level 60 or have quit. I think I sill need to play it... just to understand the series and experience the content (much more meaningful and entertaining than anything SWG threw at us). My own MMOG idea has been static... no time there. ;) I figure if my current job craps out then maybe I could work for Sony on SWG's server-side stuff.
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Did you see this... did you hear about this?

According to my local news briefs the Republican party is changing their official flag to the US Flag.

Obviously because the "Southern Cross" (Confederate Flag) is pretty much out of style.

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Sun gave us workstation keyboards, not PC keyboards. It's like trying to type on a dvorak, but worse. When I think (backspace) they keyboard says \`... when I think ctrl they keyboard says CAPSLOCK. :P Maybe the SUN people feel "at home".

Travel was exciting. One of the guys I'm going with (GB) gets covered in beer. He also spots a guy with cornrows, red cap, short, and came with an entorage. I didn't believe it was Lil' Jon until I saw them watching "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" on dvd. GB says it was a camera-rip (but it was a damn good one).

I talk to the big guy in the group when he asks about my bluetooth headset, and they had a 5 hour busride to get to LA. But before that they walked up to a limo, yanked on the door handle and were told it's not for them, but for me and my crew.

I asked if they played at the B-side or Big Easy, and they said "The Grail". I shared a chuckle and told them about how it actually has been improved. They were shocked that venue could be shittier than it is today. I wonder if they made enough on the trip to pay for the flight (one of them in first class, not Jon tho -- odd).
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Last night there was a great Frontline program concerning Iraq private contractors (and you can view it online). In short: now the character of the Iraq war has been laid out on TV. History repeats... War is a Racket.

After this, how will it look if PBS is denied any funding? Is this (not Woodward, not R. Clark, not the DSM) the watershed event needed to get people's attention? If this doesn't do it what will?
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Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 1005711
Date Created:2003-04-15
Number of Posts: 2,890

Karl is a technopagan lurker. He will randomly jump into a political debate and may dissappear at odd times.
Strengths: Slow to anger, has a juggernaut ego from experiencing over 10 years on the internet.
Weaknesses: Videogames, porn, fake DMCA claims, beer.
Special Skills: Debugging, debunking, deconstructing.
Weapons: Sarcasm, Goolge'd statistics, your old posts.

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!
Brought to you by crossfire
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A recent software upgrade to DirecTV receivers has infuriated TiVo users who say the change disabled their beloved digital video recorders -- and has sparked conspiratorial theories that DirecTV disabled them on purpose.

The problem mainly affects DirecTV customers with D10 receivers and a stand-alone TiVo, and who use a serial cable to control the satellite box. DirecTV DVRs that have TiVo functionality built-in are working fine.
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Going to JavaOne on sunday.

Hitting the bugs at work pretty hard. I have a great Windows XP/2003 Event Log corrupted offset bullshit to take care of, but at least it's not OPSEC (but that's coming up again too).

Speaking of work-blogs, I'm on notice for my once-in-a-blue moon astroturfing. ;)

My work-blog policy: You don't get to know who I work for unless I personally trust you. That information is privileged. Trivialities of personality, technical issues, non-proprietary, and non-competitive information is public. Everything else is strictly private.
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Pagans have ALWAYS held that there are 4 elements, not 112 (and counting?!?!). Don't let these academic facists suppress your beliefs and corrupt your children!

Learn more about this Academic fraud @ http://www.re-discovery.org/ !!!!

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Everything I have done in the last 4 years has been sacrificed for my small company.

Socially, creatively, physically, spiritually, emotionally I am a dried up shell of who I feel I should be.

I have spent the prime of my life riding the wave of almost-success... and found myself trapped in this endless cycle of half-work half.... nothing.

When do I reap my reward? There is no turning back time.

I never despised "success" until I found it staring me in the mirror.
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Pagan divorceeS (YES BOTH OF THEM! the judge made shit up!) forbidden to expose 9-yo son to "non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals."

Google News related

From Kos:

The Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau, which provides recommendations to the court on child custody and visitation rights, appears to have gotten the ball rolling on the religious interference by the State of Indiana. The child attends a parochial Catholic school. (It's not clear whether that school is Bishop Chatard, but the article mentions that the father had attended that Catholic school as a non-Christian.) The Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau put in its report to the court, "There is a discrepancy between Ms. Jones and Mr. Jones' lifestyle and the belief system adhered to by the parochial school. . . . Ms. Jones and Mr. Jones display little insight into the confusion these divergent belief systems will have upon (the boy) as he ages."

The father says that the court inserted the religious restrictions on its own, and not at the request of either parent. Hopefully there is more to this story that makes the judge's order something other than wildly and obviously unconstitutional.
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Accounting -> Count Again
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from that Blaupunkt commercial

Q: how'd you do that?

A: Imagemagick comes with mpeg2decode (mpeg2dec.exe). Use that to convert the clip to tga (you might want to trim it to the 3-5 seconds you want first, I have TMpeg for DVD authoring, but that's not free). Then use the GIMP to put them together and make the animated GIF.

What I need to do: find a program to shrink the animated gif (pixel replacement to reduce frame size).

UPDATE: done - used SuperGIF
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In the US, for instance, religious groups are gearing up to oppose vaccination, despite a survey showing 80 per cent of parents favour vaccinating their daughters. "Abstinence is the best way to prevent HPV," says Bridget Maher of the Family Research Council, a leading Christian lobby group that has made much of the fact that, because it can spread by skin contact, condoms are not as effective against HPV as they are against other viruses such as HIV.

"Giving the HPV vaccine to young women could be potentially harmful, because they may see it as a licence to engage in premarital sex," Maher claims, though it is arguable how many young women have even heard of the virus.

Meanwhile in developing countries, where 80 per cent of deaths from cervical cancer occur, social taboos may be even more powerful. The head of the Indian Council of Medical Research, N. K. Ganguly, says it will take a big educational effort to convince parents. Vaccinating men could be the best way to prevent the spread of HPV among women.
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Formisano measured formaldehyde at 130 parts per billion.

To astrobiologists it was an incredible claim. It means huge amounts of methane must be produced on Mars. (While methane lasts for hundreds of years in the atmosphere, formaldehyde lasts for only 7.5 hours.) "It requires that 2.5 million tons of methane are produced a year," said Formisano.

"There are three possible scenarios to explain the quantities: chemistry at the surface, caused by solar radiation; chemistry deep in the planet, caused by geothermal or hydrothermal activity; or life," he added.
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Segfault came home!



happy, he's such a bastard
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I am:
"You're a complete liberal, utterly without a trace of Republicanism. Your strength is as the strength of ten because your heart is pure. (You hope.)"

Are You A Republican?
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1. Open your media player and set it to shuffle your playlist.
2. Write down the first 20 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing - no skipping!
3. Post the results in your journal.

from 2160 files...
1. EDGEY - Target Acquired
2. Suzanne Palmer - Luv 2 Luv (Kevin Fisher's Club Mix)
3. The Laziest Men on Mars - Worst Birthday Ever
4. Nina Goddess of Dance - Baby Don't U Want Me (Dj Spaz Mix) // cheeeeeese!
5. The Laziest Men on Mars - Happy Softcore
6. Spinwarp - Thunder Mind
7. Metamatics - Stars As Eyes / Alotment Defender
8. Hermit Bastard (89 to 96) - Alien Intro (Instrumental)
9. The Chemical Brothers - Pioneer Skies
10. EDGEY - Tank Metal, the Spooned Man
11. PT Phunk - Scattack
12. Lovespirals - Bittersweet (Lovespirals remix)
13. 1980 - Just Below
14. HCP Allstars - Tumult: Ampersand
15. EDGEY - delila
16. Lords of Acid - Lessions in Love
17. Skip Raiders feat. Jada - Another Day (Trance Mix) // anthem alert!
18. Remote Viewing Room - Noiz Crusher
19. William Shatner - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds // a GIRL... with ka-LIDE-scope EYES!
20. Hermit Bastard - Another Way

about 1/2 of these are random things from electronicscene.com or mp3.com (pre 2002)

really bored... and I'll kept going... bonus 80Collapse )
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So we spent a few extra hours at work on Friday because of this.

Hahaha! whoops!

In other news I got a Nokia 6620. I got a 500kb/month data plan for $5 and thought I was being conservative with it's usage... but I used 433kb of it in 3 days of downloading Java apps and midis (after testing them on a PC or Colby's phone - which has unlimited net this month). At any rate I found some old IRC midi files and I'll be looking for more.

And... Segfault (cat) is missing :(

Everyone told me not to worry about leaving the doors open ("oh they won't go far") but it happened, and he's not been chipped yet.
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so in response to everyone bitching out shauk for complaining, I put some graphic abortion protest signs and tubgirl in my signature
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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status

it's.... yellow! what's goin on in the interweb? (beyond the "DNS cache poisoning issues" that caused the yellow storm center report)

my local isp reports Internap, Level3, NetworkSolutions, and Microsoft have HIGH packet loss.
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Moving yesterday and today... very sore.

We'll be introducing 4 cats to 2 other cats tonight. The water bottle is prepped to break up any fights.
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I pretty much don't agree with the way this quiz was written. It uses in part a few recent issues (gay marriage, iraq war) as well as labels to distinguish Republican and Democrat. At any rate, it works to some degree.

You scored as Anarchism. <'Imunimaginative's Deviantart Page'>


















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with QuizFarm.com
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