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Karl The Pagan
wooooooo - update
In my news:

JavaOne rocked! I feel I'm getting a grasp on the finer points of java solutions and architecture. There's a ton of ideas I took away from it and there's a lot of progress I think we'll be able to make at work now that we're in a "planning/research phase".

Kayaking! We got some kayaks and have taken weekly jaunts around Liberty Lake.

Work is good. A few new hires and new opportunities. Very exciting.

Health is ok. Exercising more. I had an ear blockage and considered the worst (Meniere's disease - rarely hereditary), but I got a good hearing test and everything checked out.

Our house is "OK"... still about a half dozen warranty/service items to be fixed and we just noticed a 4" sinkhole drop from where they broke our neighbor's sprinkler mane.

DJing... meh. I've not even setup my basement and haven't been into music lately, but my gear is in ok shape.

Games... meh. Battlefield 2 - 2 lance corporal accounts, very slowly working my way to 7 LC's (7,000 points to get all unlocks - 1,000 per free account vs over 100,000 points to get to the 4th of 7 unlocks). Empires - team lead is around, many Source engine improvements that I haven't played with, but I have no time to work on it (much less update my journal - commenting on liberal or debunkingwhite or my moderated comms eats up enough of my break time at work). I've almost given up on ever playing WoW - all my friends are level 60 or have quit. I think I sill need to play it... just to understand the series and experience the content (much more meaningful and entertaining than anything SWG threw at us). My own MMOG idea has been static... no time there. ;) I figure if my current job craps out then maybe I could work for Sony on SWG's server-side stuff.
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