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Karl The Pagan
SWAT bust rave in Spanish Fork Canyon

NEW! http://kutv.com/topstories/local_story_233220802.html

http://media.putfile.com/versus <--- VIDEO!

NEW WMV VIDEO! http://media.putfile.com/utah-spanish-fork-canyon-rave-bust

^^^ Heres the link for it. granted its in utah and their kinda weird.

But... canine attacks (more than one person was mauled), having guns pointing in peoples faces, throwing kids down on the ground and kicking them then arreseting them, is completely uncalled for. Helicopters and tear gas well... all to breakup an event that could have been brought to a halt by simple communication.

"they were using everything from dogs to weapons to accomplish the mission."

"k-9s attacked some girls and mauled them"

"I saw a soldier tell a kid to give him his camera and the dude said no it's my camera, and the soldier through the camera, called 6 other cops and they beat him down on the ground. He was probably knocked out cause he was completely lifelessly still."

"And another chick whose friend got arrested was like what am I supposed to do? and the soldier yelled at her to get a ride. And she was like I can't you took my ride. THe guy then yelled that the girl had touched her and like 5 soldiers through her to the ground and manhandled her. That should never happend especially to a women.

I saw like 4 other people getting thrown around, but I don't have the details. I'm going to protest this at bush's visit. Those fuckers probably did this to gain browny points with bush. We should have signs that say: Long live versus, and Raving is not illegal. And We have no rights, the military has removed them. "

"A couple minutes later we see flashlights and all of a sudden have MP-5 sub-machineguns put in our faces. My hands go straight up and I freeze.. a few seconds later the helicopter starts circling the mainstage and I can only imagine the chaos there as the national guard approached the party."
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