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Karl The Pagan
The bedroom experience
We now have 40 inches of HDTV goodness right over our bed... paired with a standard definition TiVo :(

Sony KDL-40S4100 (priced nicely as it should be), and the cheapest name brand DVD I saw. I finally watched some of my anime DVD's (appleseed (2004) & appleseed ex machina (2008)). Also got a 12' HDMI cable and a DVI M to HDMI F adapter so I can plug any DVI outputting device (like my laptop) into that HDMI cable. I learned that HDMI audio is digital and requires some kind of synchronization signal or buffer to the digital audio source because the audio packets are sent in the scan-line gaps of the video. It will be a good while before audio/video HDMI ports are standard on PC's and laptops.

Then the Harmony 550 remote: awesome. Except the software wants to stay resident (100MB wasted for programming my remote once a year? KTHXBAI) Backlit, programmable sequences, all my TiVo buttons map nicely to the face buttons (except Exit -> Live TV, Menu -> TiVo button) and the few TV remote functions I use also fit logically on the face with just a few on the extended button LCD pages (4 per page). Backlight + ability to disable extra help + really strong radio signal silences any other problems I might have had with it. The wizard setup is a little confusing for a power user and might confuse novice users, some of it feels like really sloppy UI design. Update: I want to program a macro to turn my HDMI input viewing area to "Full Pixel" instead of the "Standard" cropped default. Unfortunately I can't make a separate macro which is more than 5 commands. The sequence to select "Full Pixel" is 10 commands so it has to be part of the startup sequence. That would be fine except that those options aren't available on the TV until after my PC has enabled the DVI connection - there's no manual pause option. Finally, the "Help" button re-issues the initial commands to activate the activity that you selected in an attempt to diagnose your problem. That would work great, but it doesn't repeat the custom commands entered. 7/10 (lost 2 points for failing to meet my use case)

Now we just need a non-crippled HD TiVo (thanks DirecTV :P you suck) or we might switch to Comcast when they come to Liberty Lake.

Also... Steam sucks lately. It's not forgivable to have games I paid for locked away during prime time because your authentication servers (or just the application?) sucks nads. Support ticket filed. No purchases until this is fixed. You're on notice Colbert style.

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