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Karl The Pagan
Perfect Netbook
Acer Aspire One body, why?
* 3 usb ports
* 2 SD slots
* accessible mini PCI
* battery location encourages very big aftermarket battery
* latest Intel Atom (single core)
* 6+ cell battery (4h+ game time)

what it lacks:
* ~ 10" 16:9 screen (1420x800 or 1280x720)
* NVidia Ion (256mb+) (know what... AMD Yukon is also fine if it performs)
* 2gb+ main memory
* 40gb+ solid-state disk
* WWAN card (hsdpa, ev-do, 3g etc)
* WWAN / WLAN / bluetooth toggle key (I remembered this as I ejected my WWAN express card to save some power, BONUS: client software that handles the toggle gracefully)
* SIM slot accessible without removing battery/keyboard/screws (possibly require open lid? unlocked security slot?)
* Bluetooth (bonus points for all-in-one 802.11n/HSDPA/Bluetooth 2.x that will simultaneously push medium quality A2DP, 80hz mouse, and 256kbps or better download)
* off-center touchpad, directly below the arrow keys would be most comfortable for typing/mousing use, both buttons placed to left of the pad so the whole feature is rotated 90deg from your standard pad (with on/off toggle like the HP Mini 1000)
* vertical orientation for 1+ usb ports (requires open screen, but for travel use most plugged-in devices will be used with screen open, when not traveling a USB hub can be used)
* mini/micro HDMI instead of VGA/audio (if you need to safe physical interface area, here's where, usb or bluetooth headset could be used if needed instead of analog jacks)
* eSATA for dvd/blu ray
* express 34 slot (yes, now I'm being greedy)
* horizontal 1 USB, HDMI, eSATA, express slots on one side, all other horizonal ports on the other
* smooth hard-"rubber" corners (I see banging up such a device, and chipped plastic is bad, bonus - these corners would also act as stoppers for the closed screen)
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