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Karl The Pagan
comment on shakesville
I'm writing to you, not only as a PA fan or PAX volunteer, but as a human being who has genuine empathy to feminist and minority causes. I understand what your community has been through and that this recent history means my genuine concern may be doubted. Please take this at face value.

A few people have written about Mike's struggle with bullying and how that affected his reactions. The cultural differences widened that communication gap (sakesville is non-PC because you know the right course of action, gamers are anti-PC because they celebrate irreverence). I think there was a chance to educate a lot of people, but that opportunity was eroded by hyperbole, anger, and ham-fisted rules created to protect your community from its last invasion. Of course Mike is responsible for what he did after this, but you know how an abuse victim will react in this situation. While that does not absolve his responsibility I feel that you neglected to consider it.

IMHO you owe Mike a personal apology (even a half-assed one). He came to you asking "why now and not then" and instead of saying "those incidents also, but we choose to complain now" you, Melissa, shut him down, bullied him and, if I follow your meaning, later said he was acting like a fucking rapist.

I'm sure that you know that when we teach someone to talk about race and gender it must be about the acts not the person. Not "you're a racist" or even "you're acting racist" but "that one thing, right there that you said, was kind of racist". I think that this community has lost any motivation to educate the ignorant. Troll culture has harshened the dialog and removed any concern you may have had for education.

Finally there is a lot of apologia in your community for the threats coming to PA and their supporters. In words already expressed in this debate it is ridiculous to shed responsibility for your influence when it is convenient. PA and the genuine members of the community have treated your issues seriously and do not condone threats of violence (check forums.penny-arcade.com). If "get over it" is still your attitude then please let me know when you can taste the crow. Shame on you.
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