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Karl The Pagan
Google, here is a use-case and a complaint.

Forcing me to use my real name on my Google+ account violates my privacy. I do not want random people to search for my full name and find this profile. It is an un-feature. It destroys my existing social circles.

The point of my previous social circle mechanisms (livejournal, twitter, Facebook) was to separate these avenues of my life.

I used to have my twitter account linked to my Facebook. I used to be "Karl Pagan" on Facebook. This changed when my family started joining. I integrated my real-life contacts with my family contacts and made a free-standing separate social experience of Facebook vs twitter. I do not federate my twitter posts to FB. Breaking the barriers between my circles on FB diminished that experience for me.

Here's the thing: I use twitter and G+ a lot more than I use Facebook. If I had the option to have two separate Google profiles connected to my G+ I would do that and preserve that functionality here. I am not going to continue to use G+ without this pseudonym.

Fortunately I am only known publicly as Karl the Pagan. It is a name of note, and my only public identity to League of Legends fans. I used this name professionally as a part of my job duties as I represented Riot's interests on their forums. If I get another gaming gig there's a 99.999% chance I'll continue to use this pseudonym. Publicly. What now Google?
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babybloodheart From: babybloodheart Date: July 25th, 2011 12:58 am (UTC) (Link)
As my LJ name is my real name (this was my username before I changed it to my real name) I can't really say a thing about online privacy...although, I think 'I give up' comes to mind.

Social networking is fine and dandy, but there is NO CONCEPT of privacy, you do have to use pseudonyms and different accounts because even if you set your security tighter than a Scott's purse sites change these settings or things get through via your network of friends/contacts. Some sites (Yahoo! for example) are nice enough to share comments you make elsewhere on their site or associated sites with your mail contacts, or generally with the whole world, and once it's out there that's that. I'll admit I do try to make myself easy to find, but I think this causes more harm than good.

It baffles me when privacy is so important, when fraud is such a problem, that so many social networking sites and sites in general don't seem to respect privacy or even seem to go out of their way to take away peoples right to privacy and protection of personal data.

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