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The essence of faith fundamentally requires begging the question when you are confronted with contradictory arguments, and the very best you can do with that is either to mold your faith into a non-dogmatic argument or an untestable dogmatic argument. That flexibility is the only reason that faith appears stronger than knowledge.
from apologetics

Love does not discriminate.
Why should our laws?

About me:

Left school at 23 to eventually become (allong with my wife) one of the senior employees at an information management software startup. Now that it looks like we'll make it, I finally have time to jump back into the communities and activities that are my life.

My work-blog policy: You don't get to know who I work for unless I personally trust you. That information is privileged. Trivialities of personality, technical issues, non-proprietary, and non-competitive information is public. Everything else is strictly private.

Hmmm here's my code:
GCS>AT d-- s:+ a- C++$ UL+(++++$) P+(++) L+(++) E---(----) W++(--) N+() o++ K@ w++() O- M+>++ V- PS++ PE+() Y+ PGP>++ t(+) 5(-) X SG1+++ R>+ tv* b++ DI++++ D++(+++) G++ e>+++ h++(-) r+++ y+++*

Extensions are thus: "SG1" - Stargate scale as Star Treck. "tv*" - TiVo/PVR, watch what you want when you want!

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